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The return of seized vehicles and goods to the original owner is our business.

SBC can help you obtain restoration of your property from government agencies.

How we can help you ...

How does SBC help its clients?


We believe in transparency and working together. We will prepare appeal documents based on information provided to us by you and UKBF. We will submit a compelling case to UKBF for restoration of your property. We keep you fully informed of progress so you can be satisfied with our integrity. Some of our clients have had bad experiences with representatives who have failed to act in accordance with statutory requirements thereby losing appeals.

My car was seized by Customs on my return from France. They said they were satisfied my wine had been acquired for a commercial purpose. I don’t care about the wine but my car is worth £20,000. How do I get it back?


You should have been given some documents by the UK Border Force officers at the time your goods and vehicle were seized. Use the ‘contact’ form to let us know some details and a contact phone number and a SBC advisor will give you a call to discuss your options. Alternatively, call +447864350897 to speak to an advisor.

When will I get my car back?


The UKBA/HMRC review process usually takes around four months. This is a statutory requirement. There are no short cuts. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either making it up or has another motive for misleading you. The statutory review process protects you and the UKBF/HM Revenue & Customs. Appeals to Tribunal rely on the restoration process being completed correctly. If the case goes to Tribunal you may not see your vehicle for twelve months from the time of seizure.



If you have had a vehicle seized, contact SBC,


By phone: 0161 298 6333 or



By email: contact@seized-by-customs.co.uk



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